swimming lessons

For ages 4+

For more information contact Mary @ 086-8567603

Parents – Guide to  Enjoyable Swimming Lessons
Try to arrive relaxed and positive, especially if the experience of swimming lessons is new.  Your child will feel calm and secure and lessons well be more successful.
Have a dress rehearsal at home so your child is used to swimwear and goggles
Arrive early so you and your child can become acquainted with the surroundings and will not be flustered or rushed.
Toilet your child just prior to their lesson to avoid accidents and disruption during swimming lessons
Goggles are great for helping the child put their face in the water without discomfort.  Please make sure that they fit correctly and the strap and nose piece are adjusted correctly.
Swimming caps are compulsory.  They help keep hair out of eyes and mouth and allow goggles to slip on more easily as well as contributing to pool hygiene.
Children should enter and leave the pool on the instruction of the teacher.
Be considerate of others, for example, if children are having a shower, make it brief so that other users are not inconvenienced.
Please talk to us if your child has any problems or is worried about any aspect of the lesson.  What we think is trivial may seem huge to a small child.  A little reassurance goes a long way.
If you as a parent have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  We need your involvement and we feel privileged that that you have entrusted your children to us.